Documents to Go Review [iOS]

Documents to Go has got to be the perfect MS Office Suite out there. I do know that there are quite a few alternatives available, however most of them lack in functionality, are either missing a feature or two, or just aren’t good enough. Documents to Go however, is like having Microsoft Office right on your iPhone, and probably the next best thing to actually having MS Office with you.

 The Interface

Documents to Go has an extremely clean and easy-to-navigate interface. I was disappointed to see that some of the icons used across the app were low-res and appeared pixelated on the retina display of the iPhone. But apart from the minor aspect, the interface is actually very well put.

Opening, browsing, reading and going through your documents is extremely easy. You can pinch to zoom in our out, flick or swipe to move through the pages (or slides), and use other standard iOS gestures. Tapping anywhere within a document lets you edit it by bringing up the keyboard, more on all that in just a bit.

You have your standard ‘browse documents’ window, where you can view and access all documents from, and sort them alphabetically or by size or type. And then separate tabs for other funcstions.

For instance, a separate tab let you sync documents with your desktop – you’ll need to download and install the (free) Documents to Go desktop application for this purpose, which would then allow you to sync documents with your desktop wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

Then there’s a tab for retrieving files off the cloud – which includes all popular file sharing and cloud services like Dropbox, Google Docs, and a few more. No iCloud in this list, but I’m certain the developers will add this to Documents to Go in the upcoming versions.

A recent tab, as is obvious, lets you see recently-accessed documents, and a tab called ‘more’ brings up a very powerful search tool and access to settings.

Editing Documents

Editing options are quite powerful, with text-formatting, undo/redo, and bullet support at your disposal in MS Word files. You can also view graphics, tables, comments, footnotes, text boxes, table of contents and hyperlinks in a Word doc. You can even open password-protected files here.

In an Excel file, you have access to 111 functions! You can freeze rows/columns, open password protected files, perform cell & number formatting insert/delete/resize/hide/unhide rows & columns, rename/insert/delete sheets or use the find/find next feature.


One of the best things about Documents to Go, by far, is its ability to let you not only read MS Office files, but edit, write and create new files as well. Goes without saying but it is an indispensible tool, to be able to edit your PowerPoint presentation right from your phone, when you’re on the go or before a meeting, for instance.

Another thing that I really like about Documents to Go is its compatibility with all versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF files. You can open, read, edit and create .doc (and .docx) files, and .xls files.

PowerPoint and PDF files, of course, are read-only, and you’ll probably need to buy a PDF editor in case you want to edit those. However being able to access PDF files while travelling for instance is a Godsend, importance of which just cannot be overstated!


During testing, I did get the odd crash or two, but nothing serious or frequent. However if something like this were to crash in the middle of editing or making a document before that all important submission or presentation would be nothing short of disastrous! Apart from that, I really don’t have any complaints.

Documents to Go doesn’t do so badly on the 3.5” screen of the iPhone, but the experience on the larger screen of the iPad is just brilliant!

Overall, Documents to Go is fast – the documents load up quickly, there is zero lag during browsing through a document and it doesn’t keep you waiting at any point of time, even if you’re dealing with large-sized or graphic-heavy documents.

Final Thoughts

Like I said in the beginning, this is probably the productivity app to have in your phone, for professionals and students alike! The best MS Office suite I’ve come across, that simply does it all – from viewing to creating to editing MS Office files right from you iDevice!

Documents to Go costs $9.99 on the Apple App Store.

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