ESPN ScoreCenter Review [iOS]

If you’re a huge sports buff like me, you have quite a long list of sports apps to choose from. I’ll make that job easy for you: ESPN ScoreCenter is the ultimate app for your iPhone and should be in the phone of every sports fan out there!

ESPN ScoreCenter is like having ESPN’s Sport Center right in your phone! And as you might’ve guessed by now, the app is aimed at all sorts of sports enthusiasts. No matter where you are in the world or which sport, team or league you follow, ESPN ScoreCenter has something for you. It’s a multilingual application and comes with English, Spanish, Italian and French languages, to name a few, which makes it pretty universal.

But what’s really impressive about the app is the sort of coverage it gets you. ESPN ScoreCenter covers a large number of sports, and when I say large, I mean ‘500 leagues’ large! The app covers as many as 16 (that’s right, sixteen!) different sports, which  includes sports like Soccer, American Football, Rugby, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Cricket and Tennis, to name a few.

Once you’ve tinkered about with the settings, added your favorite leagues and teams to the mySports and myTeams pages, you’re all set to receive live updates and scores from the matches, as well as news from these leagues and teams. All in a single place.

The app is laid-out very well, and despite the fact that it has the potential to be a bit overwhelming for a new user because of the sheer number of information it provides, it actually makes good use of the iPhone’s screen and the menu to counter this potential problem. In basic terms, you have the option of having all your team-related information on one tab, and then you have separate tabs for all your leagues/sports. Switching between these tabs is as simple as a swipe across the phone screen.

For instance the myTeams tab in ESPN ScoreCenter gives you an overview of all the games that the teams you added have played, as well as a list of upcoming games arranged in a chronological manner. What’s really great about it is that you get information on all your teams on a single screen. Tapping any game takes you to its preview (for upcoming games) or a summary (for finished games). You can sign up for game alerts for your teams, or even add more teams from any of the sports right from this very menu.

The best thing about the app is its live update feature, which updates the scores and the match stats in real-time during a game. So for example if you’re on the road and bummed about miss out on that all important Champions League game, simply open ESPN ScoreCenter and you’ll be able to do the next best thing to watching the game live.

A single swipe takes you to the league pages. So let’s say you follow a team from the English Premier League and another from the NBA, you can switch between both leagues very easily. Each league page gives you a summary of all the scores, news, table standings and videos that have taken place and are scheduled to happen in that league.

The amount of information available through ESPN ScoreCenter is staggering! It covers almost every major sport you can think of, all leagues, and just about every big team out there. You’ll be hard pressed to not be able to find a team, from any sport, in this app! And then there’s more: The live update feature is amazing, and if for some reason you’re missing you favorite Lakers game, or that crucial Manchester derby, the app provides the next best experience to watching on the tele.

The scores are instantly updated, game recaps are updated as soon as a game ends. This quick-update mechanism also shows in the news sections, where all stories are updated in the app as soon as they’re uploaded on ESPN’s website, and you even get push-alerts if you have configured them through the options.

I really like the fact that the app makes good use of the menu and provides the user with all information on their favorite teams or leagues one a single page. Did I mention that you can add as many teams or leagues as you like?!

The app is a free download from the Apple App Store, and only 5.6 MB in size. So at the end of the day, you get information, news and scores on an astounding number of teams and leagues from all across the world at your disposal, and all for nothing! Free, as is often the case, does mean ads, and those annoying pop-up advertisements are the only issue I have with the app.

Sports are now a part of the lives of billions of people in the world. ESPN ScoreCenter’s appeal, then, is not just limited to sports enthusiasts, but just about every living human being out there. ESPN, today,  is a household name and in industry leader in sports, and that shows in all their products, including ESPN ScoreCenter for the iPhone.

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