Justin.tv Review [iOS]

What’s better than that shiny, brand-spanking new premium cable TV subscription that you just got, which comes with 200 premium channels?

How about the power to watch 10 times as many channels than that, right in the palm of your hand? And for just 5 bucks one-time cost!

Which would you rather pick: paying 200 bucks a month for 200 channels (on top of the installations costs, hardware costs and what not) or paying 5 bucks to get 2500(!) channels?

That’s what Justin.tv does for you!

Justin.tv, as many of you might already know, is a well-known website which lets anyone with an internet connection stream just about anything online. Taking a page right out of YouTube’s book, anyone can make a user account, create their very own ‘channel’ and start broadcasting. What started off as a simple idea is now a full-blown video streaming network that’s second only to Youtube, and made up of 2500 channels, millions of broadcasts, covering all spheres of life – Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Business, Health, Gaming, Animals and Science and Technology.

The Justin.tv iOS app is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. The app lets you view any of the broadcasts or channel right from your phone. All you need for it to work is an internet connection and that’s about it.

You can watch football, hockey, tennis or even poker games live, and in HD! In addition, there are channels broadcasting TV show episodes, movies and news bulletins from all across the world. The app is universal, since just about anyone can make an account and start their very own channel, reaching out to the thousands logged on to the Justin.tv network via phone or internet.

The picture quality and sound is exceptional in most cases, however only a relatively small fraction of channels are in HD.

If you have signed up for an account, you can add your favorite channels and ‘follow’ them easily. You can also search for a channel or a broadcast very easily.

But perhaps the best thing about the Justin.tv iPhone app is that it gives you the power to start broadcasting yourself immediately, even if you haven’t signed up. All that’s needed is a good internet connection and the iPhone’s front or back camera, and Justin.tv does the rest. So let’s say you happen to pass by something interesting, or perhaps you’re at a sports event, just whip out your phone, turn on the app and start broadcasting! Just beware that anything you broadcast can be virtually seen by anyone, live, from anywhere in the world, and is stored in Justin.tv’s servers.

The app did come with its set of drawbacks. For one, it has the tendency to crash. Secondly, some channels work really fine (even on EDGE or 3G) even if they’re HD, while others lag quite a bit.

Justin.tv is a $4.99 purchase at the App Store.

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