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Bump Review [iOS]

Bump was the winner of the prestigious ‘1 billionth app’ download on the Apple App Store. Bump is a great utility app to have on your iPhone and serves the basic purpose of transferring contact and photos from one iPhone to another. The concept of the app is very simple, but it executes this concept in a rather clever and innovative manner!

How it Works

Usually if you want to share camera photos with another phone, you have to go through the tedious process of enabling Bluetooth, pairing phones, choosing which photos to send and finally send them to the phone. Bump entirely changes the way you do this.

The app functions in a unique way: what you have to do to transfer contact or photos from one iPhone to another is to simple bump them together. Yup, that’s it! Open bump, choose the photos and/or contacts you want to transfer, hold your phones in your hand and bump your hands together and the transfer shall begin.

Bump uses your smartphone’s accelerometer for this purpose, and wireless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for transferring data wireless across your phones.

Therefore Bump makes stuff like business cards, papers, napkins or remembering important information extremely redundant.

Both devices that are being bumped together need to have bump installed for it to function as advertised. With the new version (more on it in a bit), you are not restricted to sharing photos and contact just between iPhones, it can now be done with any iDevice or any Android device as well.

New Version

Bump Technologies recently released an all-new, updated version of the app, which is a marked improvement over its predecessor. In a nutshell, this new version makes ‘bumping’ much more easy and straightforward. The interface is much better than previous versions. You have three pages – one each for sharing your business card, photos and contacts. Switching between these takes a simple swipe.

Sending photos, for instance, is extremely simple. Bump displays all photos from your phone’s photo app, the user simply needs to select the photos he or she wants to share by tapping them one-by-one, which puts a checkmark against them. And after that, well, its bumpin’ time!


Whether you want to share your contact information with someone, transfer or sync contacts between your iPhone and iPad, want to share those birthday party photos with your friends there – Bump’s potential usage applications are endless.

Concluding Words

Bump, I feel, is one of those must-have apps for your iPhone, and should be on every person’s smartphone at all times.

The best part is that the application is a free download from the Apple App Store. It’s a small 6.3 MB download so go get it now!