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Soundhound Review [iOS]

Nowadays, the sort of things your phone can do is truly amazing, nay, mind-boggling at times! Short of doing your laundry, cleaning your car and making a sandwich for you, your smartphone can do just about everything – from simple things to some truly awe-inspiring stuff!

Soundhound is the perfect example of the modern-day smartphone’s capabilities.

If you’re the proud owner of a smartphone such as the iPhone or any Android-based device, you’ll probably already know that Soundhound is a very popular music recognition app on these platforms.


Soundhound’s basic function, or the premise of the app, if you will, is simple: when there’s music playing, whip out your phone, start Soundhound and it will tell you the name of the song, along with the artist, lyrics and just about any other information related to it!

How Soundhound works to achieve this incredible feat is a well-kept secret from deep with the Soundhound labs, and is hence anyone’s guess. But basically, the app listens to a sound-byte, connects to its servers, matches the song with its own database and voila! And it does all this in as little as four seconds! Although it depends on your connection speed.

Yes, Soundhound requires an active internet connection – Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge – to connect to its database. But having an internet connection is not mandatory. You see, even if you aren’t connected to the internet, the app will work, as it will simply save the sound-byte on your phone, and connect to its database to give you the song information whenever you’re connected to the internet.

All you need to is open the app whenever there’s music playing – any sort of music – hit ‘What’s that song?’ and watch the app do its magic. So next time if you’re in a club or a bar, or simply listening to the radio in your car and want to know the name of the song, well, you know what to do!

Soundhound stores and maintains the complete list of tracks that it recognizes on your phone, accesable at any time.

The Good Stuff

There are quite a few music recognition apps available on the App Store. However Soundhound provides a couple of features not found in any of them. For instance, the app gives you the ability to simply hum a tune, and it will recognize it and return with the name of the song.

I’ve been using this since a while now, and the thing that really impresses me is the fact that it has a near 100% success rate, and seems to work really well in noisy and loud places as well – be it in a gathering with lots of people or over the road noise inside a car.

Final Words

So there you have it. A simple app that doesn’t do much. But what it does do, it does it well. Soundhound is truly an amazing bit of technology and a true representative of how far technology has come in a few, short years. It is apps like these that make the smartphone ‘smart’ and showcase all its prowess!

Soundhound is a $6.99 purchase on the Apple App Store, and is available on all cellphone platforms.